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Residential Window Cleaning

Expert Service

I'm proud of my cleaning reputation and I work very hard to maintain it.
100%pure, filtered water is used with a carbon fiber telescopic pole. Water fed poles enable us to reach where traditional cleaning cant.(eg all the nooks and crannies like vent expansion joints above conservatories and over porches) 
A soft brush is used to loosen the dirt I have soft protectors over the brush stock so not to damage the window frame surround, which is normally brick or render.
I regularly use hot water to clean windows and frames as it gets them really clean after all you wouldn't wash your pots in cold water so why wash windows with cold water.
I offer 2,3,or 4 weekly cleans. Most require 4 weekly. but some living near the sea want fortnightly some want fronts only.
A text messaging service is used. So the day before I'm due you would receive a message asking for access gates to be left unlocked.

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