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Pressure Washing

Attention to Detail

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle every type of job that comes our way whether residential or commercial and with lancashire pro clean, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

Pressure Washing: Services

Driveway cleaning

We specialize in a driveway cleaning service, restoring and renovating peoples driveways. Due to the uk climate driveways can become infested with weeds, lichen, moss and road dirt. All driveways need maintaining because the weeds and dirt start to grow in gaps over time and the top surface also gets covered in moss, algae and lichens and starts to look dirty

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Patio cleaning

Patio cleaning is a cost affective way to bring your garden back to life and restore pride in your expensive asset. Also unkept pathways tend to ruin the garden design.
If you are thinking about renewing your patio, why not consider cleaning first to see what it actually looks like. Renewing maybe completely unnecessary.

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Decking cleaning

Decking can get severely soiled if not maintained properly. Dirt and grim can make your decking look tired and dull. Also in the winter months it can become very slippery due to the build up of algae from the wet weather.
We can strip your decking back to its natural state. We would then use a fungicide treatment, It would then be ready for oiling to feed the wood.

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Commercial pressure washing

It is important to keep pathways, forecourts, carparks clean and clear of fungal growth as you don't want customers or staff slipping when its wet or greasy. We can clean all these arears for you to make sure they are clean and safe

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The process

When you contact me for a free no obligation quote. I will come round measure up and assess the surface to be cleaned. We could at that point discuss if you require any further treatments e.g. if its decking you might want it oiling, if its block paving or flagstones you might want sealing, tarmac repainting.
Please note if your surface requires resanding this is normally included in the quotation (unless the customer wants to do it themselves) as this has to be done as it is part of the structure and I don't sell this as a optional extra as it has to be done.
Upon accepting the quotation I would come on the specified date. My pressure washer is a large, heavy, industrial petrol machine so it says on the vehicle, and I just run my high pressure hose out to the job. All I require is access to a outside tap.

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Pressure Washing: Pro Gallery
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